Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 103
December 1995


Annual reports from most of the Chapters appear in this, and the next issue of the Newsletter, giving an account of the past year's activities, as well as plans for future activities.

We neglected to report, however, that Laura Wait, in Denver, is co-chairman of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, along with Pamela Barrios, in Provo, Utah.

The New York Chapter and the APHA New York Chapter are jointly holding a Holiday Party for members, friends and colleagues on December 8 at The Grolier Club, 47 East 60th St., New York City.

The Potomac Chapter is working on their pilot project of the printing of Leonardo's book of Fables. Although about half of the edition of 50 copies have been sold to Chapter members, the rest are available to the Guild membership at large. For details about the book, and price, see Publications, this issue.