Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 106
June 1996


Update on the 19th century copying press book from Bill Streeter:
It is still not too late to mail in photos of your nipping presses and information about them. The response has been very good on our request for photos. We now have over 500 photographs and are beginning to identify the major manufacturers of these presses.

I am looking into applying for our first grant money. We did our first demonstration on the process used in making copies on these copying press in the 19th century. It took place in Boston before the directors of The Printing Museum.

We hope to demonstrate before our membership here in the New England Chapter in the coming year.

We would like, in this notice, if we have inadvertently neglected it, to thank anyone who sent us photos or information.

Bill Streeter
78 Masonic St.
Northampton, MA 01060.