Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 112
June 1997


Davey Binders Board is now being supplied in single bundles of 50 lbs., same thickness, in regular or acidpHree by Ernest Schaefer, Inc., 731 Lehigh Ave., Union nj 07083-7626, tel: 908 964-1280; fax: 908 964-6787. It can be shipped by U.P.S.

American Tool Companies. Inc., makers of the popular and distinctive black & yellow pistol grip "Quick-Grip" line of bar clamps, has a new smaller version on the market. The smallest of the original line of clamps was the 6" Mini Bar Clamp, model #00546. The new clamp is of much lighter weight, with a maximum spread of 4.75", and is called the Micro Bar Clamp, model #53006. The pistol grip type of tightening device makes the clamps so easy to use. Though the smaller clamp does not have the strength of the larger clamp, it is adequate for more delicate jobs and can replace little C clamps for, for instance, corner mending.

Work Light: Quatrefoil Associates, 2201 Kinghouse Rd., Silver Spring md 20905, 301 236-4200, is ready to market a Xuorescent lamp they call the Conservator's Light Trolley, a high output, color balanced light source mounted on a counter-balanced Xoor stand. The lamp has been developed in response to a need for a reliable and reasonably priced work light for examination and minor conservation treatment work in the storage and prep areas of the National Gallery of Art.

Robert Christine, in Bethlehem, Penna., ph. 610 807-0260, has an early 1900's Hickock standing press, 45" daylight, for sale. He will help deliver it within a few hundred miles of Bethlehem.