Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 113
August 1997

Guild News

Frances Manola: New Honorary Member

The Executive Committee of the Guild of Book Workers is pleased to announce the unanimous decision to designate Frances Manola Honorary Member-for-Life of the Guild. Frances, who has been an active member of the Guild since 1964, joins the present Honorary Members Fritz and Trudi Eberhardt, Jane Greenfield, Carolyn Horton, Polly Lada-Mocarski, and Stella Patri.

Frances has been writing book reviews and the Calligraphy Column for this Newsletter for the last seven years until her recent retirement as regular correspondent. As Nancy Leavitt, our present Calligraphy Correspondent, reported in the June issue of this Newsletter, Frances is not only a fine calligrapher but a bookbinder as well. She taught both arts for years at the Craft Student League in New York City, and she continues to teach them at her home and studio in New Providence, New Jersey. Among her many students in bookbinding was our President Karen Crisalli.

The Guild of Book Workers Journal cover , Vol. xxiii, 1984-85, which is reprinted in the June issue along with the article about Frances Manola, is another of Frances' contributions to the Guild. She lettered, as well, the dozens of name tags for the Guild's 75th Anniversary Exhibition in 1981. Her own calligraphy , Heraclitus' "Fresh waters...." was included in that exhibition held at the Grolier Club.

The book arts community has benefited greatly from Frances Manola's contributions and we are happy to extend a life-time membership to her.