Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 115
December 1997

Chapter News

New England Chapter
The New England Chapter sponsored a one-day workshop in November on "Leaf Structures for Photo Albums" given by Richard Horton at Daniel Kelm's Wide Awake Garage in Easthampton, MA. Their September Chapter Meeting was held at the North Bennet Street School with a presentation by Rick Cavasin, from Ontario, on his production of parchment and vellum. Roger Barlee, Director of J. Hewit & Sons Tannery, in Edinburgh, Scotland, gave two talks on leather production in September: one at Harvard and the other at Smith College.

Midwest Chapter
The Midwest Chapter's President for the last five years, Cris Takacs, is being joined in what will be a triumvirate. Annie Tremmel Wilcox and Gabrielle Fox Butler will help Cris with the duties of running the Chapter.

Lone Star Chapter
The Lone Star Chapter has a somewhat more complicated set-up than other chapters because they have two branches: one in Austin, Texas, where Randolph Bertin is both President of the Chapter and co-Vice-president of the Southwest Regional group; the other in Dallas, where Pamela Leutz is co-Vice-President of the Northeast Regional group. Just for the record.

California Chapter
The California Chapter's next meeting on January 11, 1998 will be held at the Ninja Press, in Sherman Oaks, CA. Carolee Campbell, proprietor, has invited the chapter to tour her print shop and bindery and will give a talk on the vicissitudes of designing, printing and binding books alone. Her most recent book, The Real World of Manuel Cordova, by W.S. Mervin, is a 15-foot book in an edition of 160. Using handmade papers, it incorporates 56 folds in its accordion-style binding.

Rocky Mountain Chapter
The Rocky Mountain Chapter has an address change for Chapter Co-Chair Pamela Barrios to 640 North 900 West, Orem, UT 84057. Tel: 801-378-2988, e-mail: <>. Co-Chair Laura Wait, in Denver, has a new fax number: 303-458-8996. Pam writes in Book Arts Roundup, the chapter newsletter, that the exhibition in Salt Lake City, "The Nurtured Spirit", went off well, with many of the 42 pieces exhibited being sold and favorable comments regarding the show received. Laura Wait gave a Leather Finishing workshop last May, Dan Kelm taught two two-day workshops in Denver and Salt Lake City in November.

Southeast Chapter
The Southeast Chapter's Chairman Paula Gourley will be joined by two additional co-chairs to the chapter. The chapter participated in the Kentuck Festival recently, where they hosted an informational and educational booth. They taught paste-paper making among other activities.