Guild of Book Workers Newsletter
Number 115
December 1997


For Sale: Complete Hand Bindery

Small complete hand bindery in excellent condition. Want to sell as a unit. "If I don't have it, you don't need it." Free course in bookbinding if desired.

List of equipment:

Jo Ann Leu, 440-871-2344, Westlake, Ohio 44145

Conservation Materials to Conservator's Emporium

Conservation Materials , a supplier in Sparks, Nevada, has closed down permanently due to business reverses following the death of the proprietor Doug Adams several years ago. It has not been sold. Dorothy Adams, who has been trying to keep the business going, opened a similar business earlier this summer, but sold it in July.

Conservators have naturally been concerned because Conservation Materials had a well-earned reputation for working closely with conservators and primary suppliers to meet their needs for specialized materials. It occupied a special niche. Now William and Yolanda Foster will be working to fill that niche through their new company, Conservator's Emporium.

William Foster is a business consultant and Yolanda is a chemist. They have worked for Conservation Materials and have good contacts among the primary suppliers.

Conservator's Emporium, located at 100 Standing Rock Circle, Reno, NV 89511, offers the same products you are used to from Conservation Materials, plus a few more. The phone number is 702-852-0404, or 1-800-733-5283; fax: 800-654-5358; e-mail: <>. Call for a new catalog and price list.

(From The Abbey Newsletter, v. 21 #3, Sept. 1997)

Website for supplies

Karen Crisalli has found a couple of places to find tools.

  1. The Bookbinder's Toolbox ( was set up by Chris Lipscombe in New Zealand. People all around the world can post notes here about buying & selling used bookbinding tools and equipment but should be certain to put in the name of the country on the "submit" form where the item, either for sale or wanted, can be found or is needed. Chris Lipscombe's personal site can also be visited; he has attached a couple of interesting links for bookbinding.
  2. American Graphic Arts, seller of used printing and bookbinding equipment (nipping presses, job backers, etc.) has a new Website: <>.