An Exhibit of Alphabet Books


Abecedarium is the Guild of Book Workers' biennial exhibit for 1998/99 and my first as exhibition chairperson. The alphabet theme allowed for the submission of a wide range of work in various formats and techniques. One wall piece and thirty-eight books were selected by our diligent jury. This show is an excellent representation of contemporary work in binding, calligraphy, illustration and artists' books by Guild members. When books have to be in vitrines, as in this exhibit, we lose the intimate tactile experience that comes with handling the work. In this catalogue you can feast with your eyes and use your imagination to visualize holding these wonderful books and turning the pages.

The show will be on-line (at this site) and will travel to the six sites listed in the front of this catalogue until the end of 1999. I hope you will be able to see it.

Barbara Lazurus Metz


As President of the Guild of Book Workers, I am pleased to
Be able to present you with yet another exhibition catalogue, in a truly
Exciting and innovative format. This exhibition reconfirms the talented work
Continually produced by our members. Given only the "alphabet" theme,
Each participant has created a unique interpretation of the letterform,
Delivering two- and three-dimensional works in a plethora of materials, from
Acrylic to cloth, paper to leather, buttons to mylar and other unusual materials.
Representing the many facets of the world known as 'the book arts', this exhibit
Includes calligraphy, typography, bookbinding and papermaking in both
Unique and traditional forms. Our most sincere thanks to Ms. Barbara Lazarus
Metz for organizing the exhibition, and to Mr. Bill Drendel for the catalogue design.

Karen L. Crisalli


William Drendel
Book Artist, Designer
Member of GBW

Paul Gehl
The Newberry Library, Chicago

Pam Spitzmueller
Book Artist, Rare Book Conservator
Chief Conservator: Harvard University Library Preservation Section
Member of GBW.


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Jody Alexander
Eric C. Alstrom
Cathy Atwood
Nicole Billard
Barbara B. Blumenthal
Jean Buescher
Anne Conneman
Carol Cunningham
Thorsten Dennerline
Elaine L. Downing

Don Etherington
Gabrielle Fox
Madelyn Garrett /
Christopher Warnock

Donald Glaister
Jenny Hille
Marie Kelzer
Monique Lallier
Amy Lapidow
William Laufer
Nancy Ruth Leavitt

Nancy Lev-Alexander
Emily Martin
Charlene Matthews
Christopher McAfee
Suzanne Moore
Patricia Owens
Maria G. Pisano
Eleanore Edwards Ramsey
Susan Rotolo
Mary Ann Sampson

Don E. Sanders
Claire Jeanine Satin
Joanne Sonnichsen
Jean Stephenson
Chris Claire Takacs
Donna & Peter Thomas
Judith S. Thompson
Peter D. Verheyen
Laura H.G. Wait
Annie Tremmel Wilcox /
Cheryl Jacobsen


Greensboro Public Library; Greensboro, North Carolina
October 30, 1998 - December 27, 1998

Bienes Center for the Literary Arts; Broward County Library, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
January 11, 1999 - February 20, 1999

The Newberry Library; Chicago, Illinois
March 13, l999 - April 17, 1999

Ohio University Library; Athens, Ohio
June 7, 1999 - August 14, 1999

Vida Ellison Gallery; Denver Public Library; Denver, Colorado
September 6, 1999 - October 17, 1999

Denison Library; Scripps College; Claremont, California
November 3, 1999 - December 17, 1999


A is for Angels
Gaylord Brothers, Harmatan Leather, Ltd., J Hewit & Sons, Ltd., Library Binding Service, University Products, Inc.

B is for Benefactors
Acme Bookbinding, Aiko's Art Materials, Anonymous, Karen L. Crisalli, Japanese Paper Place, Inc., R. Marchettie & Bro., Inc., Ocker & Trapp Library Bindery, Inc., Mary Ann Sampson, Shepherds Bookbinders, Ltd., Jean Stephenson, Wei T'O Associates, Peter D. Verheyen.

C is for Contributers
Cathy Atwood, Barbara B. Blumenthal, Don Etherington, Elaine L. Downing, Madelyn Garrett, Paula Gourley, Jenny Hille, Cheryl Jacobsen, Margaret Johnson, Monique Lallier, William Laufer, Nancy Ruth Leavitt, Nancy Lev-Alexander, Emily Martin, Patricia Owen, Heinke Pensky-Adam, Eleanore Edwards Ramsey, Susan Rotolo, Don E. Sanders, Claire Jeanine Satin, Joanne Sonnichsen, Cris Clair Takacs, Laura H. G. Wait, Annie Tremmel Wilcox.


An innovative and exciting catalogue in keeping with the ABC has been published to accompany the exhibition. Costs for this full color catalog are $20.00 + $3.00 s/h for the first 4 copies and $4.00 for orders of 5 or more. Overseas shipping charges will be pro-rated.For more information please contact Barbara Lazarus Metz, Exhibitions Chair, at: GBW Exhibitions, 521 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10175-0038, or email b-lazarmetz@nwu.edu 

Or, use the online order form.



Catalogue Designed by William Drendel
Catalogue Copy Written by Barbara Lazarus Metz and Edited by Paul Gehl
Photographs taken by James Prinz
Printed by Caldwell Letter Service, Chicago
Die Cutting by MSA
Binding by Specialy Binding, Inc.


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The exhibition was organized by Barbara Lazarus Metz, Exhibitions Chair and the print catalog was designed by William Drendel.
Online version of catalog by
Peter D. Verheyen

Created October, 1998.