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  • Beginning July 1, 2024, the membership rates will be as follows:
    membership dues change


    • Regular membership will be $100
    • Student memberships will be $40
    • Family memberships will be $130
    • Institutional memberships will be $150

    For regular international members, we will be increasing the shipping surcharge to $30 for Canadian members and $40 for international members. Chapter memberships will remain $10 per chapter.

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  • Their organization has resulted expert craftspeople teaching and demonstrating to small seminar groups. This highly successful format has inspired Guild of Book Workers members to pursue the many crafts of book arts in a serious and professional way. You might enjoy reading the report from the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter of the first Seminar on Standards of Excellence, and we've included a roster of all the presentations held to date. May the next 20 years be equally inspiring.

    Pamela Barrios, former Standards Chair
  • New England chapter is doing a fine job - a big thanks to the officers for their work and time! Regional chapters are very important and I'm excited by what I see offered here in New England.

    GBW Member, from survey conducted in 2013
  • The Guild of Book Workers: the name does not have a ring.

    It could be construed as the name of an anonymous trade organization. Instead, in a modest way, The Guild of Book Workers is a cultural institution intent on the advancement of some of our culturally most important activities: the arts and crafts of book work.

    Gary Frost, Conservator and Educator, (1986)
  • Delaware Valley chapter is awesome, due to efforts of Jennifer Rosner, Alice Austin, Val Kremser, Denise Carbone, and others. They are terrific. I think Regional Chapters are the lifeblood of the National Organization.

    GBW Member,, from survey conducted in 2013
  • The regional chapters are the best part of the Guild. The social aspect is very important to me. All other benefits of the Guild begin with a good social foundation.

    GBW Member, from survey conducted in 2013
  • I live in a remote part of the country, so I look to online groups for information and advice, as well as to get a sense of community. It sometimes feels very isolated, working in an obscure art form in the middle of nowhere. I love going to the meetings because there's such varied backgrounds and levels of experience, nobody gets indignant if you ask a question that's self-evident to everyone else. Friendly and welcoming group.

    Member, from survey conducted in 2013
  • The object of such a Society is to be twofold: the mutual benefit to the Craftsmen to be derived by forming a centre for distributing information in regard to the Crafts represented and the Sources of Supplies; and the holding from time to time of Exhibitions in New York and in any other city in which the local members care to assume the responsibility.

    Announcement of Guild Meeting in NYC , (November 14, 1906)