About Our Organization:

The Guild of Book Workers was founded in 1906 to "establish and maintain a feeling of kinship and mutual interest among workers in the several hand book crafts." Among its early members are well-known artist-craft workers such as bookbinder Edith Diehl and printers and typographers W.A. Dwiggins and Frederic W. Goudy.

The Guild still believes, as did its founders, that there is a responsibility among civilized people to sustain the crafts involved with the production of fine books. Its members hope to broaden public awareness of the hand book arts, to stimulate commissions of fine bindings, and to stress the need for sound book conservation and restoration.


Board of Directors

The Guild of Book Workers is governed by an elected group of volunteers who serve as officers, committee chairs and chairs of the regional chapters. The Board is always looking for more volunteers. Please contact any of the officers or chairs listed below if you would like to help our Guild.

General Inquiries

If you prefer, you can send traditional mail to:

  • 521 Fifth Avenue
  • New York, NY 10175, USA

Please be aware it may be several weeks before receiving a reply if you send a letter.