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Guide to Family Memberships

Family Memberships are a cost-effective option for two members residing in the same household. For the price of one annual membership plus $10, each individual will receive a GBW account with access to all member benefits. These benefits include voting, the email listserv, the online forum, access to the lending library, eligibility to submit work to traveling exhibits, and reduced member rates for events like the annual Standards meeting. Both family members will be listed separately in the Membership Directory, but each household will only receive one copy of physical mailings, including the bi-monthly Newsletter and annual Journal.

If a Family Membership sounds right for you, please follow the steps below to get started!


While signing up for a Family Membership is not the most straightforward process, we have tried to make it as clear as possible. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for written instructions.

Since Family Memberships are linked, only the Primary Member needs to renew. Scroll to the bottom of this page for renewal instructions.





How to Sign Up

Step 1: Determine which individual will be the Primary Member. This person should sign up for a Regular Membership through the online Membership Form and select the additional "Add a Family Membership" option. If the Primary Member already has an active membership, they can pay the additional $10 fee on the Add a Chapter page.

Step 2: Once the primary account has been created, ensure that you are logged out by clicking the link at the very bottom right of any page.

Step 3: Complete the Family Sign-Up Form for the second member. The second family member will "inherit" all the membership information of the Primary Member, so please include the name of the Primary Member at the top of the form. Please note: Your GBW username will be your email address, so each member must have a unique email address.

Step 4: The Membership Chair will automatically receive a notice when the second form is submitted. After verifying the membership of the Primary Member, the Membership Chair will link the two membership accounts. Your Family Membership is all set!

How to Renew

Step 1: Since both family memberships are linked, only the Primary Member needs to renew. If you cannot remember which individual has the primary account, please Contact Us.

Step 2: Now that you know which is the Primary Membership, you must use it to log into the website and access the renewal form. Use the Primary Member email and password in the User Login section at the bottom of the page. The following menu options will only appear if you are logged in.

Step 3: You can access the renewal form from two different places on the main menu bar:
Under Members Only, click My Account. Then click the Renew button at the lower right side of the page.
Under Membership, click Renew My Membership.

Step 4: When you have finished renewing, your new membership dates will automatically apply to your family member. No need to do anything else!