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Two family members may join with a single membership fee (+$10 fee) and receive a single mailing, but have separate directory listings. Please use this form to list the second family member. Make sure to log out of your account before submitting this form. If you do not already have one valid membership in your household, please sign one family member up for a regular membership, log out, and return to this form to register the second. Each individual must have a unique email address for an account to be created.

For members attempting to renew: This form is not required to renew your family membership. Please log in as the primary account holder and renew that membership only. Your new membership dates will automatically transfer to your family member's account. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Chair (membership [at] guildofbookworkers [dot] org)

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(Name of family member or employer with active membership.)
Please select your areas of specialization.
Please select areas in which you accept commissions. This information will appear in the opt-in public directory.