2015 Election Results

We have completed the elections for this year.

We have three members of the Board who are stepping down and we will miss them all.

Chela Metzger has been Membership Chair and has done an incredible job in simplifying the position, working with Henry in automating new memberships, renewals, and other functions and has dealt with many other member issues.  And always with grace and insight.  She has transformed the position to the benefit of the members and future Membership Chairs. We are very sorry to see her go.

Catherine Burkhard is stepping down as Secretary.  It is truly impossible to describe all of Catherine’s contributions to the Guild, she has kept the organization on its rails regardless of the circumstances.  Her knowledge of the history of the Guild combined with her knowledge of correct procedure has been an invaluable asset to the organization.  At times I wonder how we will continue without her as Secretary.  I’ve greatly appreciated all she has done these past few years I’ve been on the Board, her contributions are too numerous to mention.

Alicia Bailey is stepping down as Treasurer.  Alicia has been Treasurer for many years.  During that time the Guild had some extremely challenging situations which she guided us through.  Someday that story will be written I’m sure and everyone will have a sense of how important she has been to the Guild.  We have had to toe the line carefully in all financial issues and she has done a fantastic job of making sure we have done so. I have immense gratitude for what she has accomplished and her guidance these past years.

But we are also gaining some wonderful people on the Board who will also make great contributions and keep the Guild moving ahead and growing.

Bexx Caswell has been re-elected as Vice President.

Laura Bedford has been elected as Treasurer.

Jennifer Evers has been elected as Membership Chair.

Katy Baum has been elected as Secretary.

Ann Frellsen has been re-elected as Library Chair.

Cara Schlesinger has been re-elected as Journal Chair.

Ken Gilbert has been elected as Development Chair.

The position of Development is a new one for the Board.  Ken will be coordinating our fundraising (through ads, contributions, etc.) but will also be working on promotional efforts for various Guild activities.  He will be working with Board members and Chapter Chairs as needed.  Many Board positions has involved selling ads (Journal, Newsletter and the exhibition catalogs) or raising funds for activities such as exhibitions.  Ken will work with those Board members in these directions. We felt that having one person contacting vendors for ads for all the publications would be easier for us and for them, for example.  This position, being new, will evolve over time of course.

Ken will need members working with him as a committee and if you’re interested in helping Ken with these efforts contact me or Ken.

Thanks to Chela, Catherine and Alicia and to those who will be serving on the Board the next two years.

Mark Andersson
GBW President