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2019 Awards Nominations

The Guild of Book Workers* Newsletter* recently announced that nominations are open for the 2019 Awards: The Awards Committee of the Guild of Book Workers is seeking nominations for two awards given annually, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Laura Young Award. The members of the committee are James Reid-Cunningham, Katy Baum and Christopher Brown.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual "in recognition of significant contribution to the goals of the Guild.” The nominee must have contributed to the profession of the book arts, rather than just to the Guild. The nominee is not required to be a current or former member of the Guild. Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award will receive lifetime membership in the Guild, with no obligation to pay dues.

The Laura Young Award is given to an individual "in recognition of sustained commitment to the Guild,” that is, a member who has served the Guild in an outstanding manner. Both current and former members of the Guild are eligible for the Laura Young Award.


Information about previous recipients of Guild Awards can be found at

The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2019.

To nominate an individual for either award, please submit a letter of support to James Reid-Cunningham, the chair of the Awards Committee, at james_reidcunningham at