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For many years The Guild of Book Workers has compiled an annual directory of member contact information as a benefit of membership. The directory is a valuable tool for bookbinders and book artists across the globe to connect and share information. As technology has developed in recent years, our organization has shifted from a printed directory to a digital version to reduce costs. The evolution of this valuable online resource continues with our latest version, which includes the following features:

  • Sort by Chapter Membership, Country, State, Specialization, or Last Name
  • All contact information displayed is always up to date.
  • Access is restricted to current members only
  • Only currently active members are listed. Cancelled, lapsed, or deceased members do not appear in the directory.

To fans of the printed membership directory: the printable directory is not going away! We will continue to produce an annual PDF directory that you can print and bind yourself. Stay tuned for more details...

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