Library Borrowing Policy

Procedure for Borrowing Library Items:
1. Choose up to two (2) book titles or four (4) DVD titles. Please do not mix DVDs and books in the same request.
2. Please send the librarian a letter listing the item(s) you would like to borrow (my address below).
Jay Tanner, Guild of Book Workers Librarian
3. Enclose in that letter two checks, both made to The Guild of Book Workers:
a.  one check for $6 per book or DVD - to help cover shipping and handling;
b.  a second check for $20 per book or DVD which is held as a security deposit.
4. Please clearly indicate your USPS shipping address and include an email and phone number so that I can contact you if a title is not available or already out on loan. I will ask if you would like another title instead.
5. If for any reason you have trouble viewing a DVD, please report that ASAP.
6. The loan period is 30 days.
7. Please package the item(s) safely for return, using the original shipping materials if possible, and make sure to insure the package for the amount noted. You are responsible for the return costs, including insurance as required.
8. Please note that certain book titles and DVD programs or packages are of such value that the borrower may be required to provide a higher shipping fee and security deposit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
FAQ Answers:
  • The Standards presentations are all on DVD now (and no longer on video tapes). The older presentations were not recorded professionally. Please bear in mind if you borrow one that it was the early days of video recording technologies, and made by a willing attendee at Standards. 
  • The DVD Library materials are usually held in a different location (different state even) than the book collection, which is housed at the University of Iowa’s Special Collections Library. Therefore, different people and procedures are used to fulfill book vs DVD loan requests. This is why we cannot combine the requests for two different types of materials.
  • The CBBAG Home Study Programme Courses are available to borrow through an agreement with the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild. Each course or program consists of a package of several DVDs and printed instructional material, which cannot be separated. The CBBAG programs are progressive in complexity and build on each previous course, so they should be borrowed in order, starting with Program 1. Because of the large amount of material in each program, only one may be borrowed at a time. There is a higher cost for borrowing each of the CBBAG programs. Contact the librarian to check availability and cost for borrowing.
  • The Centennial Presentation is a package of set of several DVDs, which cannot be separated. There is a higher cost for borrowing the Centennial Program.


Video Quality Disclaimer:

The DVDs are from video camera tape recordings shot during the Guild of Book Workers Annual Standards of Excellence Seminars. The early tapes were recorded on an attendee’s hand-held home video camera – 1980’s vintage – so there are problems with sound and image. Though they were not professionally made, they record in a documentary fashion the Standards Seminars. While every effort was made during editing to minimize technical problems such as bad microphones or poor lighting during slide shows, they remain evident in several of the early tapes; please be aware of the low quality of many of these – we are book-arts folks, not videographers! They are still the only records of these demonstrations. After 2000, the quality should be increasingly better, and since 2003 have been professionally produced. Please inform the library of any playback problems on the DVDs.