News from the New York Chapter

The New York Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers is pleased to announce their new board. Outgoing chair Erin Albritton, with the aid of Bexx Caswell, has found an enthusiastic group to try their hand at the helm. Thank you Erin for seven years of dedicated work!

The New York Academy of Medicine continues to offer space to the Guild for lectures and workshops, particularly when in reference to book conservation and historical study. We are looking for additional venues for activities that apply to other aspects of book work. If you have ideas or recommendations, particularly if you want to invite members for a studio visit or a tour, please send them to newyork [at] guildofbookworkers [dot] org.

The new Chapter Chair, Celine Lombardi, will be working with Program Co-Chairs Jane Mahoney and Saira Haqqi and with Communications Chair Carol Margreither Mainardi to bring new programming to the New York members.