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Review by Gabrielle Fox

Just My Type: A book about fonts by Simon Garfield with a foreward by Chipp Kidd.

GOTHAM BOOKS  Published by Penguin Group (USA) Inc. Hardcover, dust jacket, 5¾ x 8½ inches, 356 pages, U.S.$27.50, Can$32.00. ISBN 978-1-592-40652-4

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by Monica Holtsclaw

Last year my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few months living just outside of Paris, France. We took in many incredible sights, and one of the most beautiful to my bookbinding eyes was our walk through Relma, the bookbinding shop pictured in these photos.

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by Marcia Watt

A 40 year retrospective of Twinrocker Paper, arguably the most important American paper mill of the late 20th century, is currently on view through December 17, 2010, at the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia.  “Twinrocker: Forty Years of Hand Papermaking” is a celebration of the exceptional work of the husband and wife team, Howard and Kathryn Clark.

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by Emily Tipps

Knowledge of book history is essential to the investigation of a single binding; a scholar can bring what she knows of a period or place to her study of a specific book. However, by necessity, history generalizes, whereas hand-bound books are as unique (and indeed idiosyncratic) as their binders. Therefore, when examining a book it is often the historical discrepancies—the oddities—that can serve as forensic keys to their histories. As books and binders are individuals, so too are those who examine them.