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Journal Centennial Issue

The Art of the Book in America, 1906-2006

Guild of Book Workers Centenary Symposium

New York Academy of Medicine, October 13-14, 2006


1. Introduction and Opening Remarks
by Betsy Palmer Eldridge


2. The Club Bindery and its Successor, the Rowfant Bindery
by Sam Ellenport


3. Nineteenth Century American Book Covers
by Sue Allen


4. Hand Papermaking in the Twentieth Century
by Cathleen A. Baker


5. Despite All Odds
by Barbara Kretzmann


6. Thirty Years of Milestones in Book Conservation
by Don Etherington


7. Decorated Papers in the United States
by Sidney Berger


8. A Legacy of Letters, 1906–2006
by Nancy Leavitt


9. Twentieth Century American Printing
by Martin Antonetti


10. The Book Art Movement from the 1970s Forward
by Richard Minsky


11. Teaching the Book Arts
by Hedi Kyle


12. Modern American Fine Binding
by Deborah Evetts


13. Bookbinding in Quebec
by Monique Lallier


14. New England Region Report
by Barbara Blumenthal


15. The Guild of Book Workers and the Book Arts in New York, from World War II to the Present: An Overview
by Jean Stephenson, Mindell Dubansky, Jeri Davis, Susan Martin, and Mary Schlosser


16. From Three Rivers to the Delaware Bay
by Don Rash


17. The History of Bookbinding and Book Conservation in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia since the Civil War: A Work in Progress
by Jana Dambrogio


18. Midwest Presentation
by Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler


19. Bookbinding in Texas
by Catherine Burkhard and Priscilla Spitler


20. Westward Bound: Surveying the History of Bookbinding and the Book Arts in the Rocky Mountain West
by Karen Jones


21. West Coast Bookbinders in the Past 100 Years
by Margaret Johnson and Signa Houghteling


22. Collecting American Book Art
by Priscilla Juvelis

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