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Standards History and Handouts

Reviews of many of the presentations are available in the Newsletter and Journal. Additionally, descriptions of the more recent presentations may be found in the Library Video Catalog. Many of the handouts from Standards Seminars from 1989 through 2005 have been digitized and links are included in the list below. If you have copies of missing handouts, please contact the Communications Chair.


Past Standards Committee Chairs

  • Donald Etherington (1979-1986)
  • William Anthony (1987-1988)
  • Monique Lallier (1989-2000)
  • Pam Barrios (2001-2002)
  • Nancy Lev-Alexander (2002-2006)
  • Christopher McAfee (2006-2012)
  • Brenda Parsons (2012 -2016)
  • MP Bogan (2016-2020)
  • Jennifer Pellecchia (2021-Present)
"Their planning and organization has resulted in the present format of expert craftspeople teaching and demonstrating to small seminar groups of no more than 35 participants. This highly successful format has inspired many Guild of Book Workers members to pursue the many crafts of book arts in a serious and professional way. We thought you might enjoy reading the report from the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter of the first Seminar on Standards of Excellence, and we've included a roster of all the presentations held to date. May the next 20 years be equally inspiring."

- Pamela Barrios

Past Seminars






2017 - Tacoma, Washington



2015 - Cleveland, Ohio


2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada



2012 - Salt Lake City, Utah




2009 - San Francisco, California


2008 - Toronto, Ontario

This year's Standards was co-hosted by the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG).


2007 - Dallas, Texas

The format of this year's Standards was different from previous years. There was the optional Foundation's session before the Seminar began. There were three presentations which all participants attended. Finally, there were three "Roundup" Sessions, of which everyone picked two.


Roundup Sessions


Friday Forum


2006 - New York City, New York
Centennial Celebration

There was no Standards Seminar held in 2006. Rather, the Guild held a celebration honoring our organiziation's 100th birthday. The focus was "The Art of the Book in America" and included a two day conference on the history of the Guild and bookbinding in the United States; the opening of the Guild's 100th Anniversary Members Exhibition and Retrospective Exhibition; a dinner cruise around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty; and many other exciting events. Pictures and reviews are available in the December 2006 and February 2007 GBW Newsletter.


2005 - Portland, Oregon


Friday Night Forum:




2002 - Minneapolis, Minnesota


Friday Night Forum:


2001 - Alexandria, Virginia


2000 - Salt Lake City, Utah




1997 - Ann Arbor, Michigan




1994 - Dallas, Texas



1992 - San Francisco, California


1991 - Bloomington, Indiana



1989 - Portland, Oregon


1988 - Chicago, Illinois
  • Kay Amert: Letter Forms in Bookbinding Design
  • Cathy Atwood: Japanese Side-Sewn Bindings
  • Silvia Rennie: Gouge-Less French Onlay Techniques
  • Pamela Spitzmueller: Western Through-the-Fold Sewing


1987 - Austin, Texas


1986 - Iowa City, Iowa
  • William Anthony: Doublures, Endpapers, & Leather Hinges
  • Paula Gourley: Paper Marbling on Gouache
  • Scott Kellar: Book Enclosures
  • Michelle Rome-Hyacinthe: French Sewing & Forwarding Techniques


1985 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


1984 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Donald Etherington: Paring Leather Covers
  • Hugo Peller: Edge Gilding & Gauffering
  • Heinke Pensky-Adams: Covering with Vellum Over Stiff Boards
  • Michael Wilcox & Donald Glaister: Gold Tooling and Using Gold Leaf
  • Tini Miura & Hugo Peller: Lecturers


1983 - Boston, Massachusetts


1982 - Washington, DC
  • Thomas Albro: Conservation Binding
  • William Anthony: Restoration Binding
  • David Bourbeau: Limited Edition Binding
  • Hedi Kyle: Artists' Books
  • Heinke Pensky-Adams: Designer Binding


1981 - San Francisco, California
  • Gary Frost: Paper Cover Case Construction
  • Silvia Rennie: Half Vellum Over Stiff Boards
  • Michael Wilcox & Gerard Charriere: Gold Tooling Using Gold Leaf