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Mark Esser
Newton, Massachusetts

Mark Esser Mark Esser

Barbara L. Moulard, Re-Creating the Word

This book documents a collection of Southwestern ceramic art that spans the period from A.D 750 to 1680. The cover design of kachina faces flanked by straight and wavy lines is drawn from a Hopi jar illustrated in the text. Kachinas are spirits who represent aspects of the real world and can use their power to bring rainfall, healing, fertility, and other blessings. According to Hopi origin mythology, kachinas accompanied the Hopis from the underworld and facilitated the formation of the Hopi culture.

Double flexible sewing, silk endbands, tightback full leather binding with leather onlays and blind tooling. Blind tooled leather doublures and suede flyleaves. 10 x 11 x 1.25 inches. 25.5 x 28 x 3 centimeters. Created 2015.

MARK ESSER began bookbinding in 1979 at the Harcourt Bindery. He served an apprenticeship with William Anthony in Chicago and Iowa City and founded the bookbinding program at the North Bennet Street School in 1986. Esser worked as a conservator for many years and is now in private practice.