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Virginia Green
Robinson, Texas

Virginia Green Virginia Green

The Depth of Wisdom, A Vestigial Tale

The inspiration for this artist book was hidden in a jewelry box for over thirty years. In a small, manila envelope were four, perfectly formed and extracted wisdom teeth. The ideas behind using them in an artist's book were to give them life again and to tell an unexpected story. This story evolved into The Depth of Wisdom, A Vestigial Tale, a book that combines the juxtaposition of the myths of wisdom teeth and a mystical creature deep in the sea, the kraken. This accordion book extends 70 inches and was printed using Cloister Lightface typeface on a Vandercook Universal I.

Handmade Abaca/Cotton paper, Rives BFK, metal type, polymer plates, letterpress.6.25 x 5.25 x .5 inches. 16 x 13.5 x 1.3 centimeters. Created 2018.

VIRGINIA GREEN is a professor at Baylor University and the creative director for VGreen Design, a freelance design studio and BlackHare Studio, a letterpress and fine art studio. Her creative passions include typography and letterpress printing, a medium that allows for custom design, artist books, and fine art prints.