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Beth Lee
Bozeman, Montana

Beth Lee

Amy Lowell, Fragment

"What is poetry? Is it a mosaic
Of coloured stones which curiously are wrought
Into a pattern? Rather glass that's taught
By patient labor any hue to take
And glowing with a sumptuous splendor, make
Beauty a thing of awe; where sunbeams caught,
Transmuted fall in sheafs of rainbows fraught
With storied meaning for religion's sake."

Amy Lowell describes poetry as "wrought into a pattern," a process echoed here in the "patient labor" of choosing and cutting parts of a single sheet of paste-painted paper into a pattern which forms the letters by painting with paper the spaces between them.

Paste-painted Arches Text Wove on paper ground. 11.75 x 11.75 inches. 30 x 30 centimeters. Created 2017.

As a book artist and calligrapher, BETH LEE is most interested in that magic edge where symbols, marks, and patterns shimmer into transmitted meaning. Beth is calligraphy correspondent for the Guild of Book Workers' Newsletter and journal editor for the Big Sky Scribes.