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Suzanne Sawyer
Madison, North Carolina

Suzanne Sawyer


Proliferation is an accordion-style structure inspired by both William Morris's screens and microscopic images of cells. Each page is constructed of two cloth-covered panels, one with a window and the other serves as substrate to a mixed media print, hinged together with cloth. The prints include monotypes, letterpress prints, and pressure prints. Proliferation relates to the exhibition theme of formation as it describes cell reproduction or growth, as well as the rapid production of experimental prints in which the layering is often created using ghost prints of plates previously printed or overprinting a monotype onto a letterpress print.

Mixed media prints, book cloth, book board. 17.25 x 6.75 x 3.5 inches. 44 x 17 x 9 centimeters. Created 2018.

SUZANNE SAWYER is proprietor of Down Home Girl Studio and makes sculptures, books, paper, and prints. She holds an MFA in Book Arts from University of Alabama and lives in Madison, North Carolina. Her work has been exhibited broadly and is in various collections including the libraries of Yale University and Vanderbilt University.