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Rebecca Philio
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Rebecca Philio Rebecca Philio

Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

My choice of book comes from my interest in the Situationist International and my love of psychogeography and the dérive. More than getting from point A to B, the dérive. is a way of really connecting with the city. You are both being formed and informed by your surroundings and by actively moving through it, you are also leaving an impression on the city itself. The artistic, political, and philosophical views of the group have definitely shaped me over the past several years. I tried to incorporate themes from the book such as time and the spectacle in my design.

Leather, paste paper, copper ink printed paper, plastic magnifier. 8.75 x 5.5 x .5 inches. 22 x 14 x 1.5 centimeters. Created 2018.

For years, photography was REBECCA PHILIO's primary source of artistic expression. After working in libraries and seeing the beauty of books, she decided to learn bookbinding. She is a recent graduate of North Bennet Street School and looks forward to continuing her education out in the world.