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Bridget O’Malley
Minneapolis, Minnesota

One Bridge, One River, One Year

One Bridge, One River, One Year is a visual diary of the Mississippi River. The vantage point is the west side of the river looking east toward the bridge that connects Boom Island to Nicolett Island in Minnesota. One photo per day was taken. From page to page, the passage of time (one year) is recorded. Seasons shift subtly, and sometimes abruptly. Life on the river: passing boats, geese, the wind, the weather, the flow. All perfect daily meditations before heading to the paper studio’s “flow.” Cover: handmade flax. Text pages: pulp-painted cotton, embedded photos on tissue. Binding: long stitch. 9.25 x 6 x 8 inches, 23.5 x 15 x 20.5 centimeters. Created 2009.

Bridget O’Malley is the co-owner and production manager of Cave Paper Inc., a small paper mill specializing in quality handmade papers. Her interests are many and include artists’ books, printmaking, bookbinding, and photography. She received a MA and MFA in printmaking from the University of Iowa. While there, she met Timothy Barrett (director of the University of Iowa Center for the Book Research and Production Paper Facilities) and became his first apprentice. She completed a five-year apprenticeship in 1994. She considers herself to be very lucky that she is able to make paper nearly every day. She has exhibited her artwork nationally and internationally. She currently teaches papermaking at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and teaches book arts workshops to students of all ages. Website at